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Common Interest Communities And Homeowner’s Associations

Greenstein Sellers, PLLC is extremely skilled in providing legal support to HOA’s, condominiums, townhomes, and cooperatives. Our professional team provides over 35 years of experience to leave no stone unturned. We understand the issues that arise in your common interest community and are here to walk with you side by side in finding the best resolutions. Our attorneys assist you in interpreting governing documents, advising board of directors on compliance with Minnesota law, advising on insurance claims and maintenance disputes, contract negotiation, litigation, collection and any other need that may arise in your homeowner’s association.

Your community is unique. We strive to build a relationship with your board members, management company and members so we can craft our services to address your priorities. We understand executing plans needs to be cost effective. We at Greenstein Sellers, PLLC operate a cost-effective firm to pass that savings back to you as a client.

We believe that education is the key to success. We will train your board and assist your team in understanding the duties, obligations, and authority which the law places on each of your board members. Our attorneys will assist you in understanding and enforcing your homeowner association’s governing documents and provide guidance in operating and administrating your common interest community. We provide tools to assist your board in its duties, such as maintenance, responsibility charts which interpret the associations declaration, architectural alterations policies, resolutions to implement collection policies and rules and regulation, and offer guidance to your board on the best methods of enforcing your governing documents.