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Common Interest Communities (HOAs & Co-Ops)

We have refined our practice through years of experience representing and advising common interest communities (CICs), such as homeowners’ associations, cooperatives and community associations. The laws governing HOAs, CICs and Co-ops are complex. Over the years, our team has cultivated a deep understanding of both the intricacies of the law and general industry practices to inform the advice we deliver to our clients. When representing association boards, we believe that training and education is the key to preparing board members and giving them the tools to independently operate. We excel at drafting, amending, explaining and interpreting governing documents (declarations, bylaws, and rules and regulations), delivering legal opinions, advising boards of directors in litigation and transactional matters, and collecting delinquent assessments.

Development And Transactions

Whether you’re seeking assistance with due diligence in the planning stage of a multifamily multiphase development project, need an effective counsel to close a real estate transaction, or anything in between, our real estate team is well-versed in every stage of the property development process or real estate transaction timeline. Over the years, we’ve developed an extensive legal knowledge base in the industry, which informs our understanding of every unique issue. Our clients value, appreciate and benefit from the informed perspective that we bring to the table.

Real Estate Financing

From institutional lenders to modestly sized investors and from large-scale corporations to small businesses, we deliver exemplary legal services in all facets of real estate financing. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing both lenders and borrowers in a vast array of real estate transactions, which allows them to assess all conceivable perspectives and positions within a transaction.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate clients often need swift action. Our attorneys provide prompt responses tailored to each client’s unique needs. From development to dispositions, property management to landlord-tenant and leasing, transactions to litigation, multifamily to industrial, and anything else in between, our experienced team has accumulated extensive commercial real estate knowledge at every step in the cycle.