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Banking And Finance Made Easier

Banks and financing companies of all shapes and sizes trust us to mitigate their risks at the inception of their deals and rely on us to enforce their rights when things go sideways on the back end. With years of experience, our attorneys will be a guide for you in this always changing industry.

Commercial Lending

Whether a client is looking for help structuring a deal or seeking guidance on an existing transaction, we are here to help. We are trusted advisers for commercial lenders in all areas of their business. Our team works diligently and efficiently to help our clients structure transactions, conduct due diligence, create and perfect security interests, and enforce creditors’ rights.

Creditors’ Remedies

Creditors rely on our zealous advocacy to protect their financial interests. We assist our clients in all aspects of creditors’ remedies, including perfecting security interests, replevin action, taking possession of collateral, and obtaining and collecting on judgments.

Bankruptcy & Workouts

We understand that the legal situations facing our clients are always unique and often emotional, especially when confronted with distressed loans and insolvent debtors. Our attorneys leverage their deep experience to counsel clients on loan workouts and complex restructuring matters. We strive to maximize creditors’ recovery in a fair, practical and economical manner.

Community Banking

Our community bank clients view us as their most trusted outside counsel because of our strategic advice, skillful lawyering and attention to building relationships with key stakeholders. Our community banking clients appreciate and value the personal service they receive while we deliver results.