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Greenstein Sellers, PLLC, was founded by attorneys Matthew Greenstein and Jacob Sellers. After working at larger corporate-style firms, Matt and Jacob realized the traditional law firm model is outdated, inefficient, and no longer structured appropriately for the times. Their desire for change was the inspiration that led them to open Greenstein Sellers, PLLC. They’ve created a modern organization with a simplified firm structure that delivers top-notch legal counsel and first-class personalized attention.

Personalized Representation

We always present tailored options and deliver personalized solutions because we welcome client participation and feedback, and truly value every client relationship. While working at bigger corporate law firms, we observed that many of these firms’ clients often feel unappreciated, undervalued or overlooked. Due to our simplified modern structure, we foster close relationships with every client, which achieves better outcomes and the highest levels of client satisfaction. Our clients benefit from our new way of working because our efficiencies allow us to focus entirely on them.