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Helping your business structure itself and its deals.

General Corporate Law

We have become trusted advisers and advocates for companies of all sizes and across virtually all areas of business. We counsel our corporate clients on a broad range of matters, including business formation, corporate governance, financing, management and shareholder planning and disputes, contract drafting and negotiations, and corporate restructuring.

Contracts & Transactions

Whether a client needs general advice on a transaction or needs to draft a contract to memorialize an agreement, our attorneys can help. Having counseled businesses of nearly every type and every size, we have developed a vast knowledge base rooted in the law and the real world. As a result, our clients find incomparable value in our straightforward and practical legal advice. Ultimately, it is our goal to efficiently represent our clients’ contractual intentions along with advocating for their best interests.

Commercial Litigation

Recognizing that not every commercial transaction ends amicably, our cross-functional team of attorneys is well-versed in litigation. It’s true when we say that we fight for your business as if it is our business. Whether you’re facing a shareholder dispute, a real estate issue, a breach of contract, a commercial collection matter or something else, we are equipped to handle the most complex cases and disputes.