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We fight for your business as if it was our own. Greenstein Sellers, PLLC, is committed to delivering top-notch legal advocacy, and, unlike most corporate law firms, we don’t drive up costs at your expense.

Business And Commercial

Taking a collaborative and client-centric approach distinguishes our business and commercial litigation practice from others. We’ve found client collaboration to be integral to the “secret sauce” of our commercial litigation practice. At the outset, we strive to understand our client’s core business and how it fits into the context of the dispute, and then seek to integrate that input at every step of the way. This approach facilitates our aggressive client advocacy and has led to our proven record of success in litigating a wide variety of business and commercial matters.

Construction And Real Estate

We know that a real estate dispute can arise at any point in the development process, the negotiation process, the construction phase, or even well after a building has been leased or occupied. Our experienced construction and real estate litigation team advocates for many different types of clients. We have represented and achieved positive results for clients who are in need of guidance on title and land use issues, leasing and landlord-tenant issues, construction claims and design defects, foreclosures and evictions, and mortgage and lien enforcement.

Financial Services

Our financial services lawyers deliver desirable results due to their experience in structuring sophisticated transactions that secure obligations and an aggressive approach to collect on collateral and assets in the event of default. We represent a diverse group of financial services clients, including community and regional banks, equipment and real estate financing companies, and investment entities and partnerships. The financial services litigators at our firm have helped many clients in mortgage and lien enforcement, foreclosure actions, contract disputes and regulatory defense litigation.

Commercial Collections

Our commercial collections litigation attorneys work diligently in our clients’ interests to enforce their legal rights. The entire collections team has decades of industry-leading experience for commercial creditors, and has demonstrated success collecting delinquent accounts. We are equipped to handle all complexities that may arise in a given commercial collection matter, and our dedicated team leverages years of experience to achieve the best results for our clients. It is our goal to help your business by improving your bottom line.