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Handling Property Damage Insurance Claims For Homeowners, Commercial Property Owners, And Commercial Property Managers

Many people believe that when disaster strikes, their insurance company will be there to help them rebuild because they pay thousands of dollars each year just to make sure there is a safety net. Unfortunately, many who have suffered property damage have discovered that isn’t always the case. Insurance companies often deny or underpay valid claims, hoping that the insured will accept their decision and move on. When your insurance company resorts to these types of tactics, you need experienced lawyers dedicated to insurance disputes. We are here to help.

What kind of dispute are you facing as a property owner?

Small, run-of-the-mill claims frequently settle without trouble. But in cases where there’s more at stake — for both you and the insurance company — there may be a higher chance for dispute. This could include:

  • Claims where you and the insurance adjuster don’t reach agreement
  • Expensive or complex claims
  • Large claims, such as house damage after a fire or extensive water leakage
  • Claims where the cause of loss or date of loss is difficult to establish

Unfortunately, at times insurers prioritize protecting their own interests over yours. Greenstein Sellers, PLLC will help you navigate the complicated process of contesting or litigating a claim. We handle the following types of business and commercial insurance disputes in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa:

  • Water and flood loss claims
  • Roof and storm damage claims
  • Fire claims

Our clients receive individualized attention so that we may handle their claim efficiently and effectively from beginning to end. We provide support for the whole process from filing a claim with the insurance company, to appraisal, to litigation and a jury trial if deemed necessary. We always seek to maximize our client’s recovery when executing a claim and strive to level the playing field between property owners and insurance companies. Our aggressive and ethical representation allows us to give every client an effective way to stand up for their rights and receive the benefits of the insurance policy in which they invested.