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How can disputes derail a construction project?

On Behalf of | Nov 2, 2023 | REAL ESTATE LAW - Construction

Construction projects are often very time-consuming and involve making a lot of decisions. The process usually involves a good number of people who are all trying to keep to the timeline,  Communication and coordination between the material supplier, contractor, and property owner are required for this to happen.

When a project goes off track it can be stressful and costly. This can lead to disputes that further set the timeline back. Getting things back on track can be challenging.

Types of construction disputes

Some of the types of disputes that arise on construction projects include:

  • Workmanship disputes: These call into question the quality of work being done compared to what was promised. No matter how detailed your contract is, you cannot completely protect yourself from claims of poor workmanship.
  • Building materials disputes: These result from disagreements on the usage of inferior materials.
  • Timeline delays: Upon finalizing the contract’s details, it is crucial to incorporate a schedule and an anticipated completion date. Conflicts frequently occur when a project is delayed. a projected finish date. Disputes often arise when the project is delayed.
  • Payment disputes: There are several reasons why these could happen: The project was not completed by the deadline, the client has changed their mind regarding the materials to be used, or the customer says the work is poorly done.

Whatever the reason, you need to be prepared for disputes when you take on a project. 

Handling construction disputes

You can minimize your risk of disputes by making sure that your contract spells out everything. If something does go wrong, notify all parties involved immediately. Make sure to put everything in writing and see that everyone signs it to acknowledge their understanding. Before you end up trying to settle a dispute in court, reach out to an experienced legal guide who can help you navigate the situation.