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Resolving Construction And Real Estate Litigation So Clients Can Get Back To Moneymaking

Disputes can derail a building project or real estate transaction. Whether you are planning to start erecting homes or a commercial structure, are in the middle of a development project or have completed one, it is in your best interest to resolve disputes without wasting time.

At Greenstein Sellers, PLLC, we help property owners, developers, and contractors protect their interests in construction and real estate disputes. Our goal in every case is to maximize value for our clients while containing costs and minimizing losses.

What Kind Of Dispute Is Your Company Facing?

Greenstein Sellers, PLLC will strategize and formulate a plan that works for you and your business when you are faced with construction or real estate disputes. Our attorneys are equipped to advise you on any of the following issues as a plaintiff of defendant:

  • Payment disputes, performance disputes, or other breach of contract claims
  • Construction defects
  • Title defects, boundary disputes, or property rights disputes

The sooner you have a plan in place, the sooner you can return to business. Don’t let the threat of a lawsuit make your transaction fail or leave you struggling to determine how to proceed.

Let Us Know About Your Obstacles And Priorities

A recurring theme among our corporate clients is their need to protect their interests without wasting time and money in scorched-earth litigation. We understand and agree. After working for large corporate-style firms, we knew we wanted to develop a more personalized and efficient approach to dispute resolution for our clients. We help our clients to defend their rights and resolve large and small disputes in a timely and efficient manner.